Hydroforce Case Study

Hydroforce is a company based in Prague, Czech Republic. Company is specialised on consulting for small hydropower plants.

My role:
UI/UX designer, Webdesigner, Front-end developer


About the company and challenge

Their old website was a very basic website built with Wix. The “why” of the new website was to drive more traffic and attract new clients. My role in the project was to build a beautiful and functional website with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. Company didn't have logo and branding, so I have offered my help there too.

Design Process

At first, I have collected information about the company, their target audience and competition. I appreciate very good collaboration and communication from the client, what definitely helped the project to succeed.

My goal as a web designer was to evaluate the provided material for the project (photographs and copy), and I presented more effective solutions for some parts. One of the challenges was to find a solution for missing location pictures in the reference part. I suggested using map thumbnail. The length of the provided copy was another task to tackle. Visitors usually skim through the website and the shorter text to read the better. I created “show more” buttons in parts that were too long and offered an option to explore for interested visitors.

Indeed, the structure of the landing page is especially important. It has to tell a story in order and manner that presents why should be the visitor interested in performing the desired action. Therefore, I processed the provided copy into a structure that tells the story of Hydroforce. After the hero section with CTA, follows the features section with company’s competitive advantages.

After website launch, the client contacted me to improve the website’s SEO. I focused on meta tags, minifying code and image optimisation. Client preferred to use two domains, but they did not want to use redirection. Caused duplicity could be very problematic for SEO, and as I could not use 301 redirect, the issue was solved by canonicalization.


The project is successfully finished, and the first results are already visible. Improved SEO helped to boost in organic searches. The client got wanted results by more inquiries from contact form and significant website traffic.

Picture of website in iMac


It was pleasure to work with Natalia. Her professional attitude and good communication was very valuable for us. We are impressed with the solutions and advices that she provided to us. The whole experience was very smooth and seamless and we ended up with beautiful website that perfectly reflects our values as a business. She went above and beyond to help us with additional requests, for example solving SEO challenges. We would definitely recommend her services to others! Jan Stary

Presentation of the whole process