Bike Kitchen Case Study

Bike Kitchen is a unique project that aims to promote sustainability, mobility and enjoyment of repairing bicycles in Nuremberg, Germany.

My role:
UI/UX designer, Webdesigner


About the company and challenge

Bike Kitchen is a unique project that aims to promote sustainability, mobility and enjoyment of repairing bicycles in Nuremberg, Germany. Their mission is to help or teach how to fix and sell bikes for an affordable price to people who do not have the opportunity or resources.

When Ralph Purrucker from Bike Kitchen asked me about the redesign of the existing website, I was very excited. I love working on projects I believe in, especially when it includes bicycles (I am a huge bike fan, mainly of cruiser bikes). Bike Kitchen needed to redesign their outdated website with some specific requirements of WordPress CMS and responsive design.

The primary goal for me as a web designer was to capture the unique atmosphere you can experience visiting Bike Kitchen. When you look around in the Bike Kitchen work area, you see people sincerely smiling, enjoying the process and helping each other. If someone need help with fixing something, there is always someone willing to help. I wanted to reflect this genuine, friendly and caring community-like spirit into the website.

Picture of Bike Kitchen community

Design Process

Bike Kitchen had already existing logo and some visual communication materials. I took it into consideration when creating a colour palette for the website and refreshed dark colours with contrasting yellow colour.

With target audience in mind, I aimed for grid-like layout for smooth user experience. The primary goal was to provide relevant information such as opening hours, location and the possibility of donation. Opening hours are quite irregular, they are open to public bi-monthly, and sometimes they have special events. I solved this particular requirement by implementing the calendar plugin.

I also created custom icons with the aim to provide smooth visitor journey on the website. If there is budget or time I always prefer to create unique icons, that are consistent in design and clearly communicate the needed message.

Bike Kitchen also wanted to present member’s photographs in the carousel. They did not have any photos, so we have organised a fun photo shooting. Photography is not an area of my expertise but it was really interesting and educative to be part of another creative process. Final photographs help to present a fun and creative atmosphere in Bike Kitchen.

Picture of Bike Kitchen website


The final result is a fresh, playful and responsive website. The website reflects the Bike Kitchen unique atmosphere and spirit of the community. The website provides an easy way for visitors and donors to get in touch.

Picture of Bike Kitchen website in mockup


Picture of Ralph Purrucker

Our BikeKitchen website was set on an outdated system. And we had no chance to present our team. Natalia has recreated the page perfectly on Wordpress. The whole page now has a new fresh look and colored in a creative way. Many thanks to Natalia for the quick and accurate implementation. Ralph Purrucker

Picture of Bike Kitchen website in mockup